Aug 31, 2022

If there is one sound that will set your teeth on edge on a summer evening, surely it is the distinctive buzz of a mosquito right in your ear! Not only is this sound incredibly annoying, but it is also an indication that you may be about to get bitten! But why do mosquitoes seem obsessed with buzzing around our ears? Let’s explore this and some other fun facts about mosquitoes!

Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz In Your Ear?

One theory explaining why mosquitoes tend to buzz around our ears is that they are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide. A plume of carbon dioxide is released whenever a human breathes out, and mosquitoes can detect this from up to 50 meters away! They will follow the scent using sensors in their mouths and hover close to your face and ears. Of course, that doesn’t explain why they sound the way they do! The buzzing sound is created by the rapid flapping of the mosquito’s wings which beat around 1000 times per second! They can also adjust the pitch of the sound by increasing or decreasing the number of times they flap their wings per second. They do this when pursuing a mate.

Fun Fact! While both male and female mosquitoes make a buzzing sound, it is unlikely that you will ever hear a male one. This is because males feed on nectar and tend to leave humans alone. The female bites, so those are more likely to be close to your ears!

Are Fidgety People More Attractive to Mosquitoes?

It is interesting to note that some people are a little more attractive to mosquitoes than others because they produce higher levels of the carbon dioxide those pesky critters enjoy so much! This includes active, fidgety, and larger people, as they will exhale greater carbon dioxide levels. Even if you don’t typically fall into those categories, if you have just gone for a run or are rough-housing with the kids out in the yard, you may find yourself a little short of breath and notice more mosquitoes close to you! You will definitely want to set up an appointment for mosquito control in Knoxville if you are one of the people who produce more carbon dioxide!

Fun Fact! Pregnant ladies also make a lovely meal for mosquitoes as they exhale roughly 20% more carbon dioxide than the average person. You will definitely want to book mosquito control in Knoxville if you have a bun in the oven. It’s uncomfortable enough being pregnant on a hot summer day without adding itchy mosquito bites into the mix too!

World’s Deadliest Animals

When someone mentions the most deadly animals in the world, what do you think about, Sharks? Alligators? Tigers? It might surprise you that the title belongs to the humble mosquito! It all comes down to the number of diseases they spread. These insects are vectors for harmful diseases, including Malaria, Zika Virus, and Dengue. In fact, it is estimated that mosquitoes are responsible for around 1 million deaths every year. That’s why there is such a demand for mosquito control in Knoxville! Nobody wants to risk contracting one of the potentially deadly diseases that mosquitoes can carry.

Mosquitoes Dance!

As strange as it may seem, mosquitoes perform their own type of dance as part of their mating ritual. Before mating, the mosquitoes will perform a dance that involves beating their wings in a call-and-response style! It’s probably not a dance you want to witness as it would mean mosquitoes breeding on your property! In addition to arranging mosquito control in Knoxville, one of the best ways to discourage breeding is to eliminate any standing water, as this is where they will lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes Are As Old As The Dinosaurs

You may already know this if you have ever seen the movie Jurassic Park, where the blood from a fossilized mosquito was used to clone dinosaurs! There is evidence of mosquitoes as far back as the Triassic Period, making them older than the dinosaurs!

The Full Moon Increases Mosquito Activity

It is a pretty common occurrence for people to blame all sorts of crazy happenings on the full moon, but there is a lot of truth to back that up! Emergency departments and police stations are always busier around the full moon! There is also evidence that a full moon can result in a 500 percent increase in mosquito activity. The explanation for this is that mosquitoes use visual markers to find their meals, and on a full moon, there is more light for them to see! On a related note, that’s also why mosquitoes are attracted to people wearing bright contrasting colors - they are easier to see!

Get Rid of Mosquitoes on Your Property

Some of these mosquito facts may be fun, but having a mosquito swarm on your property certainly is not! You can take several steps to make your yard a less attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes, but the only true way to get rid of them is with professional mosquito control in Knoxville. Call Otis Pest Control to book a visit, and our technicians can spray your property and advise you on how to protect against mosquitoes, leaving you free to enjoy your summer without that incessant buzz in your ear!


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