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Mosquitoes are one of the biggest nuisance pests there are. If you have ever had the misfortune to be bitten by one, then you know that their bites are itchy and irritating and they carry some of humanity’s most dreaded diseases including the likes of West Nile virus and the Zika virus.

Did you know? To reduce the public health concerns of mosquito-borne diseases, the Knox County Health Department even conducts a mosquito control program during the summer months.

These seemingly never-ending pests are one of the worst pest control problems in East Tennesee. That is why everyone from Tin Knoxville and surrounding counties and the Greater East TN area including Tri-Cities, Johnson City, Crossville & Chattanooga trust Otis Pest Control to take back their outdoor space from mosquitos.

Can't I Control Mosquitoes Myself?

We have all tried handling mosquitos on our own before. Whether it’s essential oils, scented candles that make everyone cough, way too much bug repellent, or even just fly swatters. At the end of the day, you still go back inside covered in bites.

The hard fact about mosquito control treatments available to the general public are simply not strong enough to effectively kill mosquitos in large numbers or they are only designed to keep them away from a small area. These treatments also don’t stop new mosquitos from hatching. That is why you need a professional pest control service. Preferably a local pest control service, because they understand the area better than national brands. Fortunately, Otis Termite & Pest Control Service has been serving Knoxville and East Tennessee since 1974. That's over 45 years of pest control experience at your disposal!

How Do We Treat Mosquito Infestations?

Combating mosquitoes is a complex process and the most effective methods for controlling them require source reduction, chemical control, and biological control.

All mosquitoes require water to breed, so extermination and population control require an integrated approach that involves not only chemical treatment but the removal of standing water sources. Our comprehensive mosquito management program works with homeowners to exterminate mosquitoes and on prevention, helping to reduce the conditions that lead to mosquito infestation. We begin with a thorough inspection of your property to identify potential mosquito breeding locations.

We then apply an EPA registered pesticide to kill mosquitoes on contact and to provide lasting mosquito control results. Treatments are applied to bushes, under leaves, and some grass areas along the perimeter of your house. The treatments are proven to be safe on plants, so you need not be concerned about your garden landscaping.



Emily Moeck

"I unknowingly moved into a home that had a HUGE bed bug infestation..."Don't you worry, we are on top of this until they are gone, I promise!"... Jack was knowledgeable and honest in his assessment of my house/treatment methods. Thank you, Jack and Rocky and the whole Otis team! My home is home again!"


Joshua Weaver

"Prompt responses and appointment times. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Straight forward service without any "pushing" for extras."


Charlotte Bishop

"These guys were super helpful and kind. Jack thoroughly explained every procedure and made what could have been a horrible situation much more bearable. I definitely recommend them!"


Tamie Ridenour

"Excellent service and staff!! They were at my house the same day I called, for New construction pre-treatment!"


Cathy Amos

"Highly recommend! Jack and Rocky are great! You've got a business and highest recommendation! Great people to work with!"

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