Jul 13, 2022

There are lots of exciting things about Summer that we all look forward to, but there is also one thing that nobody wants - ants! It is easy to dismiss ants as no big deal, thanks to their tiny stature, but the truth is an ant infestation can present risks to your health and your property if left unchecked. It is important to seek out professional pest control in Knoxville if you find ants in your home!

Why Do I Need Pest Control for Ants?

So many property owners are under the misconception that ants are just a minor nuisance, but that is not always the case. Depending on the species of ant that is making itself at home, you could risk your health and your property. Some species of ant will contaminate food if it is left uncovered. If you are unlucky enough to have an infestation of carpenter ants, these could be causing structural damage by eating through wood in order to build nests. Finally, should you happen to disturb a nest of red fire ants, they may sting you, which can be incredibly painful. These are just some of the hazards of ant infestation, but they certainly demonstrate why hiring pest control in Knoxville is important to eradicate your ant problem.

Fun Fact! There are over 700 different species of ants in the United States, but only around 25 of those will commonly make their way into your home!

Tips to Avoid an Ant Infestation

Summer is the peak time of year for an ant invasion in your home, so it is important to take steps to avoid an infestation. The most effective prevention method is to schedule regular visits from pest control in Knoxville to protect your home against ants and other pests. However, you can also follow some tips to reduce the risk of an ant infestation.

  1. Make a habit of clearing up crumbs and spills immediately, so the food does not attract ants into your home.
  2. If you have open packages of food at home, make sure to either seal up the packages securely or transfer them into airtight containers to keep pests away. This is especially important for sweet items like honey, syrup, and sugar.
  3. Make sure your garbage is in a sealed container, and regularly take it outside the home, so there is no trash build-up indoors.
  4. Look for cracks and holes, including entry points for your utility points, and seal them up to stop ants from using them to access your property.
  5. Fix any holes or gaps in your doors, windows, and screens.
  6. Wash your pet’s food and water bowls every day, so that old food isn’t attracting ants and other pests.
  7. Keep weather stripping and mortar around your windows and basement foundations in good repair.
  8. Clear up old landscaping materials and overgrown vegetation to minimize nesting opportunities for ant colonies.

Types of Ants

According to the National Pest Management Association, or NPMA, only 25 of the 700 or more species of ants in the United States are likely to enter homes. However, four species, in particular, are most often found to be the culprits of a residential ant infestation that will need the services of pest control in Knoxville to handle.

  • Carpenter Ants - Carpenter ants get their name from their ability to build nests by tunneling through wood. If left untreated, an infestation of carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage. If you notice small holes in the surface of wood around your home, it could indicate that you have carpenter ants.
  • Odorous House Ants - As you might have guessed from their name, the odorous house ant has a foul smell when crushed. Some people describe the smell as rotting coconut flesh. These particular ants are often found nesting in areas close to moisture. It is important to repair leaky pipes and dripping faucets in a timely manner to help avoid an infestation.
  • Pavement Ants - These little black ants can usually be found making their home in cracks in pavements. They eat almost anything, including seeds, insects, fruit, cheese, meat, and bread. It is important to keep food sealed in airtight containers and to clean up any crumbs or spills. Uncovered food, especially sweet items, will attract pavement ants.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants - These ants are particularly nasty as they can inflict painful stings if disturbed. They usually nest in the soil close to a property’s foundation or in the landscaping around your garden. Eliminating nesting sites can help to discourage fire ants from returning after pest control in Knoxville has eliminated the initial infestation.


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