Aug 24, 2022

Here in Tennessee, we are right in the middle of mosquito season, which, thanks to our climate, lasts from late March well into October. If you are struggling with an infestation of these bugs, then know that you are certainly not alone! Mosquitos are one of the most common pest problems in East Tennessee at this time of year, with many homeowners calling on providers of pest control in Knoxville to rid their property of these swarms! Let’s take a look at some important facts that you might need to know as we ride out the rest of the mosquito season!

1 - Different Types of Mosquitos Carry Different Diseases

One of the significant concerns when it comes to mosquitos, aside from the itchy bites they leave behind, is that they are known for spreading various bloodborne diseases. This is why people are quick to call for pest control in Knoxville when mosquitoes are found in their yards. What you might not be aware of is that different species of mosquito tend to carry different diseases. There are multiple species found in Tennessee, but the most common groups include:

  • Permanent Pool Mosquitoes - One of the most common types of permanent pool mosquitoes you will find in Tennessee is Anopheles. These will breed and develop in more permanent bodies of water, such as ponds, pools, and lakes. Malaria is the disease most commonly connected with Anopheles mosquitoes, but local transmission in the United States is almost unheard of; documented cases mainly come from international travel.
  • Floodwater Mosquitoes - Some of the mosquito species that come under the umbrella of floodwater mosquitoes include Ochlerotatus (Eastern Tree Hole Mosquito) and Aedes. These species lay eggs in drier areas and then wait for rising waters. This can mean eggs waiting for years before they develop and hatch! Once they start developing, they reach adulthood in 7 days. These types of mosquitoes are very aggressive and will actively bite throughout the day, particularly at dawn and in the evening. The Eastern Tree Hole Mosquito is known to carry La Crosse Virus, and East Tennessee has become a bit of a hotspot for the disease in recent years.
  • Container Mosquitoes - This group includes species like Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito) and Culex, which are known to lay eggs in small water-filled containers like pet bowls, buckets, tires, and pots. Hence the ‘container mosquitoes’ moniker. These species develop from egg to full maturity in around ten days and can develop in containers as small as a teacup! The Asian Tiger Mosquito is known to carry Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika virus. However, there are currently no cases of local transmission of these diseases in the state, only cases from being bitten overseas. Culex mosquitoes are the more significant concern as they carry West Nile Virus, and Knox County usually sees infected mosquitoes each season, although human infection is relatively rare.

2 - Only a Small Amount of Water is Needed for Mosquitoes to Breed

As noted above, certain species of mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water! That means there could be plenty of opportunities for swarms to breed on your property! If you have had a visit from pest control in Knoxville regarding your mosquito problem, you have likely been instructed to regularly dump out stagnant water from things like trash can lids, bird baths, children’s toys, and flowerpot drip trays! Even small puddles can be enough for mosquitoes to breed. If you have standing water, such as a pool, pond, or fountain, talk to pest control in Knoxville about adding larvicide to avoid breeding.

3 - Knox County Has a Plan to Prevent Human Infection

Did you know that every Spring, Knox County traps mosquitos and has them tested? If any mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus, the area it was caught in is treated by the county twice per week in line with CDC guidance to kill off the infected swarm of Culex mosquitoes. There is a similar plan in place for the discovery of Zika Virus positive mosquitoes, but to date, there has never been a case in Tennessee. Other counties across the state have similar programs in place to limit the spread of mosquito-borne disease. It is still important to arrange your own mosquito control treatment through a provider of pest control in Knoxville, as the county only sprays public areas, not private property.

4 - Avoiding Bites is the Best Protection

When it comes to protecting yourself against mosquito-borne diseases, the best defense is trying to avoid being bitten! The first step is regular mosquito control treatments from a provider of pest control in Knoxville, reducing the chance of mosquitoes around your property. You can also treat any water features or invest in water wigglers’ to deter breeding. Finally, don’t go outside during the mosquito season without first applying repellent. It is also best to wear light colors and long sleeves and pants wherever possible.


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