Jun 27, 2022

Tennessee is classed as a level 2 Termite Infestation Probability Zone, meaning termite risk is moderate to heavy. It is estimated that termites will attack 1 in 5 homes in Tennessee. If you are one of those, you will need to seek professional termite treatment in Knoxville to eliminate the pests and minimize the damage to your property. Homeowners with a long-term termite infestation could be looking at an average of $3000 in repair costs, so it is important to nip any infestation in the bud early and take preventative measures. That includes eliminating any habits you may have that could inadvertently be attracting termites to your home.

Avoiding a Termite Infestation

Termites will almost always create colonies with a good food source. They will primarily feast on soft or rotting wood and will seek out wet environments or places with decaying wood. It is more common to find them in older homes where maintenance may not have been a top priority, but new construction will also see its fair share of termites. When you have termite treatment in Knoxville, your technician can also advise on some of the steps you can take to avoid unintentionally inviting the pesky critters into your home.

  • Wood Piles - Piles of lumber or firewood is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for a termite colony, so keeping these a minimum of 20 feet from your home is important. It would help if you also elevated it 5 inches above the ground. If wood is piled too close to your home, any termites infesting the pile will eventually make their way into your home.
  • Overgrown or Dying Foliage - Dead trees, stumps, and shrubs will begin to rot, attracting termites. When they have chewed through this foliage, they may make their way to your home for a new food source. Take time to clear away any excess or dying vegetation as quickly as possible before it has a chance to rot.
  • Tree Limbs & Leaves - If you have trees close to your home, it is important to ensure that none of the branches or leaves are touching the roof, as this can create a pathway for termites to enter the home. It is advised that you regularly trim back your tree to avoid this.
  • Wood Mulch - It is very common to use mulch in your yard, but if you use wood mulch, it will attract termites, so this should be kept at least 15 inches from your foundation. Wood chips will retain moisture, making them an attractive snack for termites.
  • Clogged Gutters - When was the last time you cleared out your gutters? Excess moisture can become an issue if leaves and other debris are allowed to collect in your gutters. Not only is this bad for your roof and gutters in general, but it becomes an attractive source of food for termites. Make sure you clean those gutters regularly.

Busting Termite Myths!

If you do have termites plaguing your home, it is important to seek professional termite treatment in Knoxville. This is not the type of pest problem you can take care of yourself! It takes knowledge and experience to get rid of a termite infestation. However, that doesn’t mean homeowners can’t educate themselves on how best to protect their property from these destructive critters. Let’s start by busting a few termite myths that many people believe!

  1. Termites Cannot Eat Through Plastic - Some people are under the impression that termites eat plastic. This is false; they predominately eat wood. However, they may sometimes break through plastic in order to reach a food source, which is likely where this particular myth started.
  2. Termites Cannot Eat Through Concrete - Sometimes, termites can show up in unexpected areas of the home, like garages with concrete floors and walls. However, contrary to popular belief, they have not eaten their way through the concrete. The more likely explanation is that they have found a small crack to gain access! If you suspect this has happened, call for termite treatment in Knoxville to resolve the problem.
  3. Are Termites Actually Eating Wood? - The short answer is yes! Some people believe termites are just burrowing holes in wood rather than eating it, but the truth is that wood, or more accurately cellulose, is their primary food source. They will chow down on wood, paper, drywall, cardboard boxes, and any other cellulose-containing material.
  4. Are Termites Good For The Environment? - When performing termite treatment in Knoxville, we are often asked if it is true that termites are good for the environment. This is tricky to answer because there is some truth to it! In a natural environment, termites benefit the ecosystem by speeding up the decay of dead wood, making it beneficial for the soil. However, inside your home, they benefit only themselves and need to be eradicated before they affect the integrity of your home’s structure!


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