Termite Control

Residential and Commercial Termite Control

Our termite control treatments are immediate assurance that your home or property is insured against termites and termite damage. These wood destroying organisms cause billions of dollars in damage to unprotected buildings and property each year. And termites aren’t partial about their cellulose meals! They attack business properties just as eagerly as residential properties.

Despite what you have heard, termite control is not a Do-It-Yourself project. Successful termite treatment requires specialized skills, equipment, and a knowledge of treatment methods and building construction, in order to search out and assess an infestation, then recommend the best course of treatment.

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Why is Otis’ Termite Control Different?

The Otis termite technicians have extensive field experience in termite prevention and treatment. Your initial inspection is free and if termites are found, a treatment program customized to fit the needs of your individual property will be developed. Our Termidor chemical foundation treatment ensures immediate results and provides long-term protection directly to the structure against subterranean termites.

Termite bait systems when used alone, do not initially protect a structure directly. It can take months for termites to find stand-alone termite baiting systems. During that time, they are continuing to cause damage. Used in conjunction with chemical barrier treatment, termite baiting systems provide added protection against foraging termites. Our Advance Termite Bait Stations are proven to promote faster termite discovery and faster colony elimination. Regularly scheduled monitoring of the bait stations ensures that your most valuable assets are protected all the time!

Do you service my area?

The answer is probably yes! We perform termite control and other pest control services in Anderson, Blount, Campbell, Cocke, Cumberland, Hamblen, Loudon, Monroe, Morgan, Sevier, Scott, Roane, Union Counties. We are based in Knoxville but have technicians stationed to service these counties. So no matter where termites are, we are there to fight them back!

Don’t let a preventable pest become a permanent problem. To request a free inspection, fill out our simple contact form online or call us today at 865-690-1662. Be sure to ask about our $1,000,000.00, termite damage repair guarantee!

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