Otis Pest Control Service Program

We use a 10-point service program that is thorough and has a proven track record of effectiveness:

  1. A complete inspection of your property to identify household insects as well as wood destroying insects.
  2. An evaluation of the proper products to use to eliminate your pest problems.
  3. A pest control program designed especially for your property.
  4. A schedule to establish the proper time for servicing.
  5. Evaluate the problem to determine the frequency of services.
  6. The type of service required – servicing indoors when needed, and servicing outside every trip to eliminate insect entry.
  7. Tips to the property owner as to what you may do to help eliminate pest problems.
  8. A follow up call within two weeks after the initial service to ensure the service has been satisfactory.
  9. No additional charge for more than one service per month.
  10. A cost evaluation and contract to assure you how we will perform and what you can do to help us make your property as insect free as possible.

At Otis Pest Control, we want to be more than a vendor; we want to be your pest prevention partner.