A number of factors influence the movement of insects and rodents from outdoors to the shelter of your home. These include weather changes, rain, thunder, drought and temperature changes. Our goal is to prevent insect and rodent movement into your home. The following are some suggestions that you can implement that will help keep your home as insect-free as possible.



1. Keep tall weeds away from the perimeter of your house.

2. Make sure thresholds of all doors fit tightly.

3. Keep bushes and trees trimmed and pruned from contact with your house.

4. Make sure there are no cracks around windows for insects to enter.

5. Make sure the downspouts on gutters have attachments to carry water away from the house.

6. Landscape mulch should not be piled up against the foundation of your house.

7. Clean gutters and remove any debris that has accumulated in them.

8. Check for water leaks on pipes, hot water heaters, air conditioners, etc.

9. Do not keep dog or pet food exposed, especially if kept indoors. It must be kept in tightly enclosed containers.

10. Do not store bird seed unless the container is tightly closed and check regularly for grain weevils.

11. Check the lids on all garbage cans for a tight fit.

12. Caulk or seal all holes around your house, both inside and out.

13. Remove stumps in your yard.

14. Storage areas must be orderly and boxes kept approximately 1 to 1 1/2 feet from walls.

15. Keep weeds cut down around fences and perimeter areas.

16, All outside doors should be properly screened and have no breaks in the screens.

17. Apply chimney caps to prevent birds from entering. Birds carry insects.

18. Seal all areas where electrical lines, cable or telephone lines, or pipes enter your house.

19. Make sure foundation vents are properly installed at recommended intervals and that air flow is not blocked.

20. Correct all wood to soil contact by insulating with bricks, blocks, or other non-decaying product.

21. Do not stack fire wood adjacent to your house.

22. Check for a proper seal on the garage door skirt to prevent rodent and insect entry.

23. Please do not tamper with any bait stations placed around your house. Your service technician has placed them there to give you maximum protection.

24. Keep all fruit in the refrigerator. Dispose of all over ripe fruit in an enclosed bag. Fruit flies will develop from exposed fruit.