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Whether you live in the Knoxville, Oak Ridge, or Gatlinburg, you need an experienced and effective pest control service. Insects are the most successful life forms on earth. Everyone encounters pest problems. We develop an integrated pest control plan for your unique situation. Some of the most common pests we deal with here in the Knoxville area are ants, roaches, spiders, silverfish, millipedes, fleas, mice, rats, or other insects or vermin. These can be kept out of your home with monthly or quarterly treatments. We also treat occasional invaders like ladybugs, stink bugs, and box elder bugs.

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We don’t believe in temporary, quick-fix solutions. Using our 10-point service plan, we’ll identify the problem pest and inform you of the best treatment for eliminating it. We treat the outside of your home or business to prevent insects from entering, and we treat the inside, upon request. This method of treatment is the most effective and is the most convenient for our customers so that no appointment schedule is necessary. All service products are EPA registered and approved by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. We follow all chemical label specifications making sure that every product we use is safe for you, your pets and the environment.

We strive to be fast, friendly, and affordable, but above all else, effective! Our number one priority is doing the job right the first time and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If a pest control problem reoccurs between regularly scheduled services calls, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 865-690-1662.

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Bed Bug Control White bed sheets unmade with bed bugs beneath the surface

In recent years, there has been an epidemic level of bed bug infestations. People try Do-It-Yourself kits that don’t kill all of them, making the ones who survive even stronger. That is why at Otis we do bed bug control differently. We use a thermal heat method that kills bed bugs without potentially harmful chemicals.

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